National Park Walking Tracks

If you are pushed for time or would like to experience a few of the shorter tracks around National Park our staff are more than happy to give advice on the most suitable tracks to suit your individual,group or family needs. Most tracks are accessible from Whakapapa Village approximately 10 minutes drive from the hotel. There are also tracks accessible from the back of the village leading to Tupapakarua Falls.

Tama Lakes Walk, Tongariro

Time: 5-6 hours return.

Tama Lakes is actually a section of the Tongariro Northen circuit. Starting from Whakapapa village, it is a 17.3 km walk with only a 592m of total ascension. The whole track is well marked and gravelled which is a bonus after bad weather.

Tawhai Falls

Time: 20 minutes return

Begins 4 km below Whakapapa Visitor Centre on SH 48.The falls, which tumble over the edge of an ancient lava flow, are reached after a short stroll through mountain toatoa and beech forest.

Taranaki Falls

Time: 2 hours return

Beginning 100 metres below Whakapapa Visitor centre, this track loops you back to Whakapapa Village in around 2 hours.

The walk begins with red tussock grass and patches of manuka, followed by alpine shrub. The track is a very comfortable uphill walk to the falls with four small gullies to cross. There are tables and seats provided at the bottom of the falls for you to take a breather and enjoy the beautiful sight of the falls, where you can walk in behind the waterfall and view the world in a different way. The walk back is through a beech forest full of shiny broadleaf, mountain five fingers, ferns and the mighty Toatoa. Native birds are also in abundance.

Whakapapa Nature Walk

Time: 15 minutes return

Beginning 250m above Whakapapa Visitor Centre, this sealed loop track provides wheelchair access for a glimpse of the unique flora of Tongariro National Park. A series of on-site information panels explain the various zones of vegetation in the park.

National Park offers an abundance of walking tracks to suit your individual, group or family needs. Most tracks are accessible from Whakapapa Village approximately 10 minutes drive from The Park Hotel.
National Park Walking Tracks
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